Products Infrastructure

Fort Knox Digital Security

Biometric Locks for a 100% fool proof protection

Digital Sensors with special plans for Hotels, Apartments &
Retail Stores

Max security with wireless systems, long backups & GSM connectivity

Multiple zone digital security system for apartments

Sensor Automation

Sensor based lighting which only functions on presence & low
light condition

Sensor based auto curtains that function with varying daylight &

Sensor based Air Conditioning systems, theme lights & auto attendants

Guest Entertainment Systems

Interactive guest entertainments with LAN Gaming / Video on Demand

Download sections with interactive brochures, demos, tutorials & pubic
video content like YouTube & MetaCafe through blazing fast cache servers

Special E-book / Newspaper readers with access to millions of titles
& newspapers

Access Control System

Control access to all priority areas & streamline movement at others

Multiple control systems including contact less smart cards / hidden
RFID tags / fingerprint systems for 100% foolproof systems

Use for automatic fool proof attendance, inventory control & payroll

Theme Changers

Special theme changers for Smart Homes for your every mood

Robust & productive themes for Stores & Lobby's with ever
changing ambience

Themes include lightings, aromas, music & video walls

Online Guest Services

Special Guest portal with all information, videos & controls

Live response service with online chat & voice call systems

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