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Smart Playschools

It takes a special place to introduce little toddlers to the world. Use the
absolute cutting edge of education technology to create a dream world
for kids where there is no difference between learning & fun. Using touch
screens to magic walls, lessons by cartoons to high end gadgetry, this
dreamland will have it all. Not only will Smart Schools help you impart empowered education to children but also enable you to carve a niche for yourself in this competitive world. It's time to aim for being the Numero Uno!

Smart Schools

For schools who want to go beyond the ordinary & provide education better or at least at par with premium international schools. These schools possess AI systems, Smart Building
Management Systems, E-Classes, Smart Classes, Digital Learning,
Digital Library, Digital Learning Content
& much more. Be the trendsetters instead of the followers by
implementing the latest technology systems for the first time in India.
We have solutions for budget schools to premium schools, whatever you
choose you will be the best in your category. That's a promise!

Smart Institutes / Colleges

Dare to challenge the IIM's ? Let us help you in that by providing par excellence technology systems which will enable you to have competitive & parallel technologies to even higher colleges
like MIT & the likes. From special video lecture recording systems to own
video broadcasting stations, Wi-Fi campuses to desktop conferencing,
online classes to IVR's, you will have all to make your students the
leaders of the future.
Your students are citizens of the future; equip them with tools necessary
for 2010 now. Not only do our Smart College programs assist you in
improving quality but also act as a magnet for students.

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