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Smart Homes / Apartments

Smart Homes are the last word in luxury & fine living. The smart home
brings the entire house at your fingertip using advanced automation
technologies which enable you to control lights, fans, ac's, TV's,
computers, entertainment devices, curtains, doors, windows etc. at the
touch of a button. Also launching for the first time in Asia, we provide voice activated control of entire house. What's more everything is schedulable making life one big comfort zone.

Smart Campus

The biggest advantage of group dwelling is pooling of common resources
resulting in higher quality of life. Our Smart Apartment systems enable
you to achieve par excellence in terms of technology usage by having a
zero interaction but 7 tier security systems with auto recognition. Facilities
like automated parking, verified lift calls, video conference between all
apartments, common gaming zones, automated movie halls & lots more.

Smart Resorts / Hotels

Smart Hotels provides an answer to the ever increasing demands of the
patrons in terms of service quality, interactive experience & privacy. The system
will make auto check-in &
check-out possible for members using an interactive touch screen kiosk
which will take fingerprints & iris scans. The system will automatically
deduct the charges from credit cards on file & authorize the guests
fingerprint for the designated room.
With auto lights, Fingerprint enabled service areas, Smart Diners, Special
Corporate Plaza* & interactive services, the experience will be
mesmerizingly elegant yet simple.

Smart Stores

Smart Stores take the concept of shopping to an extreme maximum with
fully automated stores, auto recognition systems, detailed customer
profiling, interactive screens, auto demonstration systems, auto check
out facility with an extra strong security system. However the most
amazing capability of the store is to run it 24 / 7 unmanned without
compromising on guest experience, consumer delight & security.

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